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Water Damage Salt Lake City: There Doesn’t Need to Be a Lake in Your Basement

Published by 911 Restoration Salt Lake City on August 12, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Just because Salt Lake City has the word “lake” in it, doesn’t mean there needs to be a lake in your basement. Centered on the Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City is prone to flooding. Our water damage Salt Lake City team is happy to get into your basement and do the job. Who really wants to step into a basement filled in salty water?

A Mop Won’t Cut it

Mops are a big hit when it comes to water damage relief but this just doesn’t cut it. Residents spend so much time shuffling around the basement trying to mop up water. Have you ever thought about the damages afterwards? Water seeps into hardwood and clothing, creating vast amounts of mold. A mop may offer a quick solution, but it’s only temporary. Don’t waste money purchasing cleaning supplies that won’t do anything. Give 911 Restoration a call and get professional water damage extractions.

Drying is Key

For the homeowners that decide to clean up water themselves, more often than not they forget the most essential part: drying. Leaving the floor damp is a huge no-no. Water doesn’t always stay stagnant and can find its way into the structure of your house. Over time, rotting begins to take over your walls while mildew and bacteria becomes apparent. Our water damage Salt Lake City team uses the best drying technology to make sure that your home does not suffer mold growth. It’s best not to take a risk when it comes to water damage. Using cheap at home remedies will only cost you more money in the long run.

Swim in the Lake, Not in Your Basement

Most importantly, don’t pull out a raft and splash around in the contaminated water. You may be thinking of creating a makeshift pool party in your home, but maybe you should move it to an actual pool. Don’t forget about the bacteria that comes with water, especially when it splashes around on dusty floors. We use super-strength chemicals to decontaminate your home. Our water damage Salt Lake City experts, guarantee that no dirt or debris will be left in your house.

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